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Not all Dell Mini 9s are same

It looks like that not all the Dell Mini 9s are same or shall I say “Dell has made an improvement”. The hinge of the old Dell Mini 9 (shown on the right) would not allow the screen to go back as the one shown on the left. The ability to go back more can provide better viewing angles in certain positions, say when you are standing.

My trusty ASUS EEE 1000H can go back a great deal, almost 160-deg or so. It is pity that the older Dell Mini 9’s hinge did not allow the users to let their screens go back as compared to the new Dell Mini 9’s hinge.

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PROOF: Screens of HTC TOUCH DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH PRO are NOT same [Windows Mobile]

Let the pictures say the story. The one on the left is the HTC DIAMOND and the one on the right is the HTC TOUCH PRO.

As you can see, on the HTC DIAMOND’s display has much more saturation and the image looks much more dense on the Diamond’s display as compared to HTC TOUCH PRO.

Also, on the  Diamond’s display, the white color is more whiter, while on Touch PRO’s display, the white appears as pale yellow although my camera was not able to differentiate effectively, but in person, the difference can easily be observed.

(one more image after the break)

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HTC TOUCH 3G review – excellent value for money [Windows Mobile]

The HTC has been working diligently on it’s Touch range and has been unveiling some of the very high quality Windows Mobile devices from quite some time. The HTC Touch 3G is a powerful elder brother to the original HTC TOUCH. The HTC TOUCH 3G combines speed and style in an affordable package. Read the full review to find out!


The HTC TOUCH 3G continues to carry the mesmerizing looks of the original HTC TOUCH. It follows the minimalistic approach that is followed in the Touch series. The TOUCH 3G has the same pebble shape which was earlier sported by the original HTC TOUCH.

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Presenting SONY’s new baby: VAIO P-series – comments on keyboard, screen and more

SONY said something big was coming on Jan 7, 2009 and they were right. Actually, it is not big but quite small and thin. The new SONY VAIO P-series is less than an inch thin and weighs just 0.63kg (1.4pounds). This means that it weighs same as the little Fujitsu U2010, but it has a bigger frame. It comes with a new, but slower Atom Z530 processor running at 1.33-GHz and it runs Windows Vista. It also comes with 2GB of RAM.

Presenting SONY's new baby: VAIO P-series - comments on keyboard, screen and more

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LG plans to introduce Solar Illuminated LCD screens in notebooks

LG is implementing a concept never used or heard before. LG has developed a type of LCD panel, which uses the sunlight to power the monitor, while it is used outside. It uses reflective plates in the backlight panels to reflect the sunlight so that you are able to use your device outdoors. Interesting point to note is that it consumes 1/4 th of energy compared to what is consumes when used indoors. This is due to the fact that it has to use backlight to light up the screen, which consumes a lot of energy.

There is no words when will be release for officially. However, LG has plans to debut it at CES 2009, which is going to be held next month.