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Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix to be available soon!

Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, has announced the availability of Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix. The newer version of ubuntu is going to be made available this coming Thursday. The newer version sports faster boot times. It also comes with an interface which lets them launch their favorite application easily and quickly. Other improvements include better power management and easier switching between networks.

Although, I really enjoyed EEEbuntu, which is actually an Ubuntu 8.10 with EEE drivers, but its long bootup time was the main turn off. That is the reason, I kept going back to Windows XP. I’m really looking forward to download the Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix version. I hope the improvements are enough to make me use the Ubuntu full time.


PS: Also announced were the simultaneous releases of Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition and Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition.

Dell Mini 10 3G version now available in China

Dell has shaked hands with the China Mobile to let the users enjoy 3G services on the go. Not only China Mobile, Dell has teamed up with other global telecom providers including Vodafone in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, AT&T in the US, M1 and Starhub in Singapore, and Maxis in Malaysia.

It will retailed at $575 in China.

[via digitimes]

Windows XP Mainstream Support now officially retired

As planned for today, the Microsoft officially retired Windows XP mainstream support. However, extended support will continue till the year 2014. One would wonder, what are the differences between mainstream support and extended support? Well, there are not much. Both offer (free) security updates and phone/web support to the users. However, after today, any new bug-fixes or updates will require extended support contract.

Also, this effects all the versions (excluding Windows XP Embedded). Since, there are not any problems to be solved with the XP (except security holes), we do not need to worry about anything for our netbooks. However, it is encouraged to update to new version of windows (I recommend Windows 7).

Note 1: If Microsoft releases SP4 too, it will retire support for SP3.

Note 2: this deadline is also valid for Office 2003


Pocket Informant Review (version 8.5)

For many of the Pocket PC users, the feature they most frequently use is the Personal Information Management (PIM). But the Pocket Outlook has many unsolved issues. That’s where the third-party applications like Pocket Informant come really handy.


Pocket Informant, like any other application can be installed on to the device through Activesync, or you can directly download the cab file to your device. It takes up around 4 MB of storage memory.

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