Press release: SPB Backup 2.0

Spb Software House, the leading Windows Mobile applications vendor, releases Spb Backup 2.0 — a tool for making reserve copies of personal data and system settings for Windows Mobile phones. Spb Backup safeguards from data loss, eliminates the pain of reinstalling applications after a hard reset, a ROM or device upgrade, and delivers a flawless restore experience. The choice of ASUS and Gigabyte, Spb Backup became the best-sold backup utility for Pocket PC in 2007. The new Spb Backup 2.0 is smarter, twice as fast, and makes moving data between Windows Mobile phones as easy as unpacking an archive.

Spb Backup 2.0 will come to the rescue if a hard reset disaster strikes, or if the device is stolen or lost. Spb Backup Sync makes it easy to keep a recent copy of all data and system settings at a secure desktop PC location. Spb Backup 2.0 will restore from the archive, even if data has to be moved to a new device or ROM. The backing up process itself is so easy, that regular backups will become second nature. Spb Backup 2.0 works for both Pocket PCs and Smartphones and copies the entire device, including contacts, sms, emails, storage card files, and even preferences and shortcuts. Continue reading “Press release: SPB Backup 2.0”

Samsung i900 Omnia!

Rumors are great when they finally come true and the rumored Samsung i900 is finally about to be a reality. Called the Omnia, this is one Windows Mobile device that should be strong competition for the upcoming 3G iPhone and when you look at what this device comes with, it may well top the new HTC Touch Diamond. At a glance you get Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, a 3.2-inch WideQVGA display (240 x 400 pixels) and an optical mouse much like the one found in the Samsung i780. A 5 megapixel auto focus camera using face and smile detection is a big attraction for those that want a decent camera with their device.  In addition there is a built-in GPS receiver.

Samsung i900 Omnia waistline is only 12.5mm and the brushed metal back certainly adds to its refined looks. That figure along with the other dimensions makes it rather identical to the Apple iPhone. Most importantly the i900 shares with the iPhone the same massive internal memory – both an 8GB and a 16GB i900 versions will be available with the microSD still present for further expanding those with up to 16 gigs worth of storage.

Malaysians turn to Internet to fight fuel hike

Malaysians have turned to the Internet to vent their anger at one of the biggest hikes in fuel prices, and some are using it to rally support against the measure in a country with tight restrictions on street protests.

Much of the rage was directed against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, already fighting for political survival since leading his ruling coalition to its worst election showing in March.

“We used to think you were nice. Now you are just nasty, plain nasty,” read a post from someone calling himself a “hungry Malaysian” on, arguing there was going to be less food on the table for millions of poor people.

The hacker left a drawing of a skull with a sword through its neck, blaming the prime minister for the fuel rise, the newspaper said. There was a notice later put up on the website saying it had been temporarily shut down for maintenance, it said.

I just went through this link and it has over 222 comments! :o According to me, protesting peacefully should have been the best option. Hackers hacking the government websites won’t yield anything to them. Will it?

via Yahoo News!

Firefox version 3.0 RC2 released

Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 34 months. Building on the previous release, Gecko 1.9 has more than 14,000 updates including some major re-architecting to provide improved performance, stability, rendering correctness, and code simplification and sustainability. Firefox 3 has been built on top of this new platform resulting in a more secure, easier to use, more personal product with a lot more under the hood to offer website and Firefox add-on developers.

Grab your copy here

Windows Search 4.0 avaliable now!

es, it is out of ‘preview’ and final version of Windows Search 4.0 is available.


So, what’s new in this release?

First and foremost: we’ve introduced some performance and reliability improvements. Queries are faster, as is indexing – how much faster depends on your machine and your data. Improved reliability means that system failures won’t get in the way of the indexer and all of your data will be scanned and available for searches.

We’ve also extended remote index discovery, also known as PC-to-PC searches, which allows data to be searched quickly and efficiently across machines running Windows Search 4.0. This means that Windows Vista-to-Windows XP or Windows Vista-to-Windows Server 2008 queries are now possible.

Additionally, Windows Search 4.0 offers manageability improvements that IT Pros should take note of.

For starters, we have extended Group Policy to control more aspects of search functionality and made this control more granular with per-user policies. You can use Group Policy Objects to control how desktop search accesses remote resources – such as Microsoft Exchange Server resources or file shares – to manage network utilization.

Interestingly, Windows vista users will see it as recommended update, while XP users will see it as optional update

Link: Microsoft Download center