AMD RX 500X are graphic cards for laptops and OEM towers


HP has announced its new laptops and among those specifications, we have found the new AMD RX 500X, the graphics card that is based on Polaris architecture. The basic version of the new HP laptops will be the one that includes the “new” graphics, AMD RX 560X. When reading its specifications, we were very surprised, since it was expected to give considerable improvement in performance department.

There are no hardware differences between the RX 500 and the RX 500X, according to a person working at AMD. The RX 500X series is a brand upgrade for OEM platforms that seeks to ensure that the RX 500 continues to use the latest version of the Polaris architecture and the latest drivers, Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition. Both AMD and NVIDIA sometimes use this technique when their GPUs have been released a long time ago, so that laptop and computer manufacturers can claim to have the latest hardware available. So since the update of the processors of Intel, and soon the one of AMD, the companies are renewing their catalog and it is better for the marketing to have all the components of last generation and “new”.

NVIDIA is expected to launch a new generation of graphics cards this year and there may be gamer version and a mining version. AMD, for its part, does not plan to launch any novelty or so. It only contemplated the launch of a 7 nm version of the Vega GPU for machine learning.