Artificial intelligence in truck industry

Artificial intelligence is playing an important part in automotive industry and this has affected truck and car industry in a positive manner.

Artificial intelligence in truck industry

Volvo trucks have played an important role in bringing artificial intelligence in automotive industry. These trucks have cameras in both front and back that are programmed to stop the truck automatically if they find a human on a road. It truly works like magic.

For instance, MAN trucks have invested a lot in the technology. MAN’s HydroDrive truck is used in mining areas. Due to this, there is a high demand for spare parts for MAN trucks as trucks travel hundreds of miles in a day and that takes a toll on the machine itself. If the cameras and other artificial intelligence parts break, they might need to be replaced even more quickly.

Artificial intelligence in truck industry also helps keeping driver alert. A sensor is often placed in modern trucks to make sure that the driver driving the truck is alert. If the sensor feels that he is sleepy, the artificial intelligence may vibrate the steering wheel to alert the driver and if everything else fails, the AI may step in and stop the entire truck to prevent damage.

It is important to keep truck in same line on high ways. Artificial intelligence keeps track of the lane and automatically keeps the truck within the same lane by maneuvering the steering wheel according to need. Cameras may be put on the bonnet to monitor the lane. Similarly, back cameras can be used for automatically reverse parking the vehicle.

This technology is already implemented in high end cars but we are seeing more and more truck companies implementing this tech. It was much needed as truckers reverse park more than anybody else in this world.