ASRock Phantom Gaming graphic cards are coming: ASRock Phantom Gaming specifications and price

ASRock Phantom Gaming graphic cards

A short time ago we commented that ASRock had decided to take the step and diversify their business by starting to manufacture their own graphic cards . The company has already made a name in the market as a manufacture of motherboards. Today the company has shared a video of what could be your next graphics card. Recall that ASRock began being a sub-brand of ASUS that little by little grew until it became independent. After its independence, the company has continued to develop motherboards for years, until this year in which it has decided to enter a new sector.

This sector is currently overtaken by the cryptocurrency miners , who do nothing but empty the stock of the companies and make the price of the remaining GPUs not stop rising. Graphic cards are presented as the best product to be sold today, a large number of people are waiting to acquire one and go for it.

ASRock commented a few weeks ago that his idea is to start making graphics cards with AMD architecture and that it would not be soon. Today they have published a video in which the images of what will be their first graphic card are shown.

Although the video does not give any information about this, they make their intentions clear. This new graphic will come under the Phantom Gaming range and, among other things, in the video we can see that it will end up with an 8-pin connector; which leads us to think that they will start with a high performance AMD graphic. In addition, the addition of gaming can be a wake-up call to players telling us that they will develop their graphics thinking about the gamers and not the market of cryptocurrencies.

The appearance of a new graphic does not guarantee us having a greater availability of these. Until this miner problem is solved, we may not be able to normalize the market. However, the fact that such a well-known new company joins this ship can bring good news to users: if they do well, competitiveness will not stop growing and that always has a positive impact on us.