ASUS P835 now official [Windows Mobile]

ASUS has unleashed its WVGA beauty, P835. Sporting a huge 3.5-inch WVGA (800 x 480), this new Windows Mobile device promises to give HTC some strong competition.

ASUS P835 specs review price

It looks like past mistakes have taught ASUS a bitter lesson. The previous flagship model, ASUS P565 (REVIEW), which although had the zippy 800Mhz CPU lacked on the software front. It did not even include Opera Mobile. The built-in IE mobile does a sloppy job of rendering web pages. But, in the ASUS P835, the ASUS has included Opera Mobile which is absolutely great to use on the WVGA screen.

Here are its specifications:

Windows Mobile 6.1
Quad-Band GSM
new and improved Glide user interface
528MHz Qualcomm 7201A processor
4GB internal storage
USB 2.0 connectivity
microSDHC card slot (yay!)
Bluetooth 2.0
5 MP AutoFocus camera

Also, the ASUS has finally upgraded to the USB 2.0 standard. ALL the earlier models came with only USB 1.1 support, which made the transfer painfully slow.  Another noticeable improvement is the inclusion of the 5MP camera, which makes it the first ASUS mobile phone to sport a 5MP camera and that too with autofocus capability.

ASUS has also included their own SIP (soft input panel). This is nice addition as all previous ASUS windows mobile devices lacked a finger friendly SIP. Even their now old flagship model P565 lacked a finger friendly SIP. All these additions were completely absent. We are definitely looking forward the ASUS P835.

Compared to the earlier ASUS devices, there a huge increase in RAM as-well-as ROM. Now, the user won’t have mere 50MB RAM free at startup. With the increased RAM, I see at least 120+MB RAM free at startup with Glide interface on.