Asus VivoMini VM65 specs: Skylake, GeForce 930m and dual storage

Asus VivoMini VM65 and VM65N offers excellent specs including an Intel Skylake chip, a Nvidia GeForce 930m chipset and a new storage system called Vivo DualBay. Vivo DualBay, a name that pretty much describes the new storage system for these new devices.

Asus VivoMini VM65n specs

This is a bay system for stacking two 2.5 inches SATA storage devices. You can add two SSDs, HDDs or combination of both to benefit from the large capacity of mechanical and speed of a SSD system.

Asus VivoMini VM65 specs

This integrated option in both versions of VivoMini VM65 is interesting since it is a device that occupies the space of a conventional 3.5 inch hard disk. Some models also embark this classic storage. Specs include up to Core i7 skylake processor backed by DDR4 Memory can go up to 16 GB. Accompanying this powerful processor is an Nvidia GeForce 930m graphics card for that performance boost.

Asus VivoMini VM65 review

Other Asus VivoMini VM65 specs include four USB 3.0 ports (plus 2 more in VM65N), two video outputs that allow one to connect three monitors. The HDMI port is classic but Display Port is capable of chaining two screens. An SDHC card reader is present but oddly located at the rear of the machine, next to the start button. An optical SPDIF port is also present for connecting to an amplifier compatible. Both models are equipped with a Windows 10 64-bit. No price or release date yet.