Chuwi Larkbox desktop is smaller than Apple Mac Mini – Chuwi Larkbox specifications

Chuwi Larkbox specifications

CHUWI has churned out Larkbox, an ultra-small desktop PC that is smaller than Apple Mac Mini. The release date and price are unknown right now but we do have Chuwi Larkbox specifications so that you know what is there inside.

Chuwi Larkbox specs sheet includes a small PC with a body size of 61 x 61 x 43 mm (width x depth x height) and a weight of 127 grams. Chuwi Larkbox claims to be world’s smallest PC that supports 4K output. In order to enhance the cooling performance in a small case, the Larkbox has a built-in fan which is said to be super quite.

Note that ECS LIVA Q2 is super small too but since the body size of LIVA Q2 is 70 x 70 x 33.4 mm (same), the LarkBox is certainly smaller in terms of footprint and volume ratio.

Other major Chuwi Larkbox specifications include an Intel Celeron N4100 CPU, 6GB memory, and 128GB storage. The interface selection includes a microSD card reader, USB x 2, USB Type-C, HDMI output, 3.5mm stereo mini jack, wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, etc.