CNetX FaceContact Review

Would not it be great if you could browse through your favorite contacts right from the today screen? Well, it is now made possible with the wonderful application by the CnetX FaceContact.

The size of the application is fairly small. Don’t get yourself fooled by it’s small size. Beneath it’s tiny weight lies quite powerful pieces of code ;)

This is how it looks on the today screen. As you can see, the contacts are arranged in the manner in which the Albums are arranged in the media player in iPhone. You just need to swipe your finger from left to right or vice versa to browse through your favorite contacts. It is that simple!

Add a contact to the list

Click on the little icon on the left of the today plugin and settings windows will open. Here you can perform various operations like add a contact, edit contact, remove the contact from the today plugin, sort contacts(more on that later) and contact details

Just tap on add contact and you will be presented with a list of your contacts from where you can select the desired contact. That contact is then added to the today plugin. The CNetX FaceContact gives you the preview of how exactly the contacts will on the today screen on the top of the window as shown in the following screenshot.

Coming back to the Today Screen, tapping on the contact will pop-up a window from which you can decide the action you want to perform.

You can sort the contacts too by: first name, last name, company or user defined.

Let’s go back to the setting window and explore it’s options

You get full ability to use a  custom picture for any contact that you wish to put on the today screen.

You can also change the way the thumbnails are shown on the today screen. Square is default and you can choose from circle, cylinder or rounded.

It is highly functional and rock solid application. As I also do part-time programming, I can tell you that the programmers behind this application have done an execellent job of keeping this appllication beautiful and most importantly, useful and functional. I’m really highly impressed by the quality of CNetX FaceContact.


  • Quick access to your favorite contacts
  • Rock solid
  • Nice sliding animations
  • Impressive built-in library of thumbnails
  • User-defined sorting
  • Light in size
  • Cheap


  • None :)

Company: CNetX
Price: $14.95