Getting a HP 2100 series netbook? Get a 6-cell battery for just $25 instead of $129! [Netbook]

Is not it odd, when you hear the netbook manufactures costing you a bomb when you want higher capacities battery for your beloved netbook? Quite a lot of times, you end up paying almost 1/4th of the actual price of the whole netbook when purchasing an extended battery. Take the example of the HP Mini 2140 netbook, whose basic model costs $449. It come with a 3-cell battery, which lasts you about 2-2.5 hours depending on your usage. The 6-cell battery, if you purchase it later on will make shell out a mind-boggling $129, which is more than 1/4th of the price of base model of Mini 2140.

Instead, when buying a Mini 2140, you can bundle a 6-cell battery for a lot more affordable price of $25.

[HP Mini 2140 webpage]

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