HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 2 screenshots [Windows Mobile]

The HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 2 was launched last week at MWC 2009. The DIAMOND 2 is an update to original Diamond. One of the most obvious improvements that the Diamond 2 brings over the Diamond-1 is the bigger and higher resolution screen. The screen is now WVGA as you can easily make out from the following screenshot.

The higher resolution enables you to see more than the normal VGA screen of Diamond-1.

Like the TOUCH HD, which also sports the same resolution, it also shows weather data of the coming days on the same screen.

Stock tab is the new tab which was not there in the Diamond-1. It basically shows the stock information like their current price and whether there is a increase or decrease in its value.

The calender tab is a much welcomed addition to the Touch Flo interface. It looks nice and works great too. A nice update for those who just got tired of the built-in calender.

Another improvement is the updated SIP (soft input panel).

Calculator has also been a given a nice facelift.

Commentary: Although the Touch Diamond 2 still uses the Windows Mobile 6.1, HTC has (again) done  a commendable job of giving Windows Mobile a new look. Quite a lot of improvements in terms of usage and functionality can easily be seen and observed. It is also nice to know that the HTC has promised a Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade to the Diamond-2 users.