Logitech Z607 overview, offers 5 surround speakers plus subwoofer

Logitech Z607 review

Logitech has just introduced its new Logitech Z607 5.1 speaker kit. This kit, not only includes the 5 surround speakers plus the subwoofer, needed to reproduce multichannel sound with absolute fidelity, but also includes a Bluetooth wireless network card, along with a card reader, a USB port and a FM radio tuner, so that the user has no impediment when it comes to enjoying music.

The golden age of the loudspeakers for the users, already happened several years ago. It was the time of teams 5.1 and 7.1 of well-known brands such as Creative, which were able to transform our room into a battlefield, or into a movie theater (and that used to be a frequent source of complaints from neighbors).. However, now users prefer to use headphones when playing.

However, speakers such as the Logitech Z607 have been designed more to provide the most complete multimedia experience for users, at a price that can be very attractive to them and, above all, are designed to be used as a multimedia center. After all, there are no complete 5.1 speaker kits that are cheap. And, above all, with all the added functionality that this Logitech kit has.

The new Logitech Z607 speaker kit will have a great panoply of possibilities, when it comes to playing the sound through its 6 speakers:

6 sound inputs (one for each speaker) via RCA cable, to connect to DVD or Blu Ray players.
2 auxiliary sound inputs for the left and right channels.
A USB port on one of its sides.
A slot to use SD cards.
A 3.5 mm mini jack connector.

Logitech Z607 review

To help us place all the speakers in the kit properly, Logitech has provided each speaker with a great length :

2.2 m for the three speakers located on the front of the user (left, right and center).
6.2 m for the two speakers on the back (left and right).

Not only this, but the Logitech Z607 also incorporate a comfortable and small wireless controller, which will allow us to control the sound of each channel, determine which sound input we want to use at any time, choose the radio station we want to listen to, etc..

As for the specifications of this speaker kit, the total number of satellites is 55 W RMS (we assume it will be 10 W for each speaker) and the subwoofer has a sound power of 25 W RMX. The total power in peak is 160 W, although the RMS power (which is what really matters) is 80 W.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the Logitech Z607 will be a cheap speaker. So much, that this speaker kit will cost only 129 euros.