O2 makes HTC X7510 available as O2 Flint

I have always been a fan of HTC X7510. Now, O2 has also launched this very powerful windows mobile device by the name, O2 XDA Flint. As it sports a slate form-factor, it can easily be confused with MIDs and UMPCs. If you keen on getting more information then you can go to this o2 page.

It is 100% similar to X7510, which include 3 megapixel camera, opera browser, Wi-Fi and GPS, 16GB internal flash, 2100 mAh battery, which make is a very powerful package. You can buy it at O2 Shop.

Do you expect this device to sell nicely in the current era of netbooks? With the netbooks avaiable almost for free with the data plans, which one would you take, this or some netbook?