Pipo C2 smartwatch doubles as phone and fitness tracker

Pipo is a popular tablet manufacture and today it has launched its first smartwatch. Called the Pipo C2, it comes with a dial that is detachable from the strap but what makes this smartwatch so much more interesting is the fact that you can make phone calls with it.

Pipo C2 review

The Pipo C2 is priced at just 35 dollars and is quite pleasing aesthetically. Since it is a smartwatch, you get smart functions like activity tracker, PIM application and SIM card functionality that adds ability to make calls, send SMS and emails. The dial can be detached from the strap allowing you to interchange and intermix one color with another. The case is made of polycarbonate and features a power button, a pair of keys for adjusting volume and a micro USB port for charging.

Pipo C2 smartwatch

You can connect it to a smartphone using Bluetooth and if the connection is lost, you will hear an alarm. As said earlier the Pipo C2 smartwatch doubles as fitness tracker as it allows you to use it as pedometer, to calculate calories burned, speed, distance traveled and other information related to other sports.

Pipo C2 specifications