Razer Kraken X review: Cheap headphones 7.1 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Razer Kraken X review

This year 2019 is being a year of surprises as far as audio is concerned. It has taken a step forward to standardize in many brands features that were previously a plus that usually raised the price. Razer has followed that path and now offers a series of competitive advantages for the user in a native way and in all its range, including its new Razer Kraken X, which has just been presented.

Less wealthy gamers will find in these Kraken X a more than competitive option for their hours of play. Although the brand is normally positioned as a premium within the sector, it does not tend to neglect its more affordable range of products in order to reach all audiences and pockets.

Is the case of X and Kraken Kraken Console X for two headphones input range for the brand that will be more affordable than the Razer makes available to its users. Not for that reason they lack features, since, for example, they include a 7.1 surround sound software that the brand claims to be really accurate, so we can be aware of where the action comes from in each of our games.

To do this, it uses two 40 mm drivers, which will offer a clear and balanced sound, from explosions to the most subtle steps, everything will be reflected thanks to its frequency response of 12 Hz to 28 KHz, with an impedance of 32 ohms and a sensitivity of 109 dB.

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The brand has designed these Kraken X, as its version for Console, with a lightweight form factor and based on an ergonomic construction called Ultra-Light. This is due to the fact that very light materials are used, allowing that in the case of these Kraken X a weight of only 250 grams is achieved.

As in most Razer headphones, these Kraken X will have a memory foam that will facilitate the task if we need to use glasses to play, providing a great comfort, which will be increased thanks to the foam padding that includes in your plush.

Your microphone will be another of its strengths, as it is flexible and retractable, where it also uses a cardioid pattern that will record the sound of a peripheral area around our mouth, helping to eliminate background noise from our back and from the sides.

Razer Kraken X reviews

For your control, we will have a microphone mute button and a volume slider under the left earphone, all very simple and comfortable. Its compatibility is ensured thanks to its 3.5 m jack, where we can use them on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, without forgetting the smartphones that carry this port.

As we said, will come in two colors and therefore different versions, being: Kraken X and Kraken X for Console, the latter in blue tones that differentiate it from the sober black of the first.

Both versions are already available at a price of 59.99 euros.