Resco Backup 2.0 released [Windows Mobile]

Having a good backup solution for today’s WM devices is a necessity for everyone wishing to protect his precious data.

Resco Backup 2

Resco was always known for its powerful and high quality software and Resco Backup is no exception. It covers all standard features the users expect from a backup solution — manual or scheduled backup, partial backup/restore, compression or encryption etc.

  • FTP backup saves data in the clouds providing thus an alternative recovery path.
  • Power users can use Registry Diff tool to visualize Registry changes since the last backup.
  • Resco Backup Unpack Tool became a true desktop browser of the backup sets. Use it to access your contacts, SMS, e-mails or to open any data file as if it resided on your PC.
  • New version is safer and faster and offers PIN restore, backup log and other new features.