Shuttle XPC SH370R6, the manufacturer’s mini gaming PC now with Intel Coffee Lake processor

Shuttle XPC SH370R6 review

Computer manufacture, Shuttle, has launched its new barebone computer, the XPC SH370R6. These new equipment present the particularity of being the first of this assembler that will be compatible with the use of Intel Coffee Lake processors. However, despite being quite small, inside you may be mounted components of high performance.

The new XPC SH370R6 is a barebone with fairly contained dimensions, with external dimensions of 332 mm in length, 215 mm in width and 190 mm in height. This gives a total volume of 13.6 liters capacity and a weight of only 4.5 kg. Much of the cause of the small weight is that the box of this new barebone is made of anodized aluminum in black.

Despite the small dimensions, this does not prevent high-performance components from being mounted inside. For example, there is room for the installation of a graphics card that requires two slots, up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM and an Intel Core Coffee Lake processor with a TDP of up to 95 W, which means that you can assemble this entire line of Intel processors, for the first time, in barebone computers of this brand.

The cooling of the processor that is mounted inside the XPC SH370R6 borne by the system Shuttle ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine). This system is formed by a series of three heat pipes, which have their origin in a plate makes contact with the IHS processor, and whose opposite end terminates in a set of sheets of aluminum, which are enclosed in a box, through which air passes, helped by a fan of 92 mm.

The storage that this barebone allows is made up of a 5.25″ bay and two 3.5″ bays, although the motherboard supports the use of M.2 NVMe units that use the PCIe x4 bus or the SATA bus. These units may have a maximum size of 22 mm in width and 80 mm in length.

Shuttle XPC SH370R6

The power supply used by this barebone, with its 300 W, is a unit that is already included with it. Having such a fair power, this means that you can only mount graphics cards inside that do not have a very high consumption, although the user can always choose to put a more powerful source such as PC63J, which is a model of 500 W, which would greatly expand the possibilities of the XPC SH370R6.

The price of the XPC SH370R6 will be 261 euros plus VAT, and this includes the box, the base plate, the special cooling system and the power supply, all already mounted inside.