Slingplayer for Windows Mobile updated

Slingplayer now supports WVGA (800×480), VGA (800×480), 400 x 240 and 320 x 320. This means that the owners of HTC TOUCH HD, SE XPERIA X1, Samsung Omnia and Treos(with 320×320 display) can now use Slingplayer.

Trying to keep up with the ever changing landscape of mobile devices, Sling Media has let loose an updated version of SlingPlayer Mobile for Pocket PC and Smartphone. This isn’t the major re-write of the app that Sling Media has been hinting about in certain discussions here in the community, but instead an interim update to bring some Sling goodness to the swarm of new handsets that have recently hit the market sporting never-before-seen screen resolutions like 800×480, 640×480, 400×240, and 320×320.

Download here