The new tech of video gaming in 2017: comparison between mini PC VS Xbox Vs Online

Not a day is passed when one does not come across a mini PC vs Xbox console debate. In 2017, mini PC gaming is going get even better thanks to the introduction of pre-built gaming PCs from companies like Valve Corporation which recently churned out Steam Machines. Let us not forget the third player that is giving both of these a tough competition – online gaming. This new type of gaming does not require you to have the latest gaming console or high end mini PC as almost all game processing is done in the cloud – on some very powerful computer on the server end.


That said, a lot of us play games offline on an Xbox or a PC. So which is better? Developers always prefer console versions of the game as they don’t have to deal with graphic card compatibility and unexpected lag due to a particular computer component. Since all consoles have same internal configuration, game developers always tend to prefer coding for Xbox and PlayStation consoles over mini PCs.


But, if graphics quality and performance are top on your list, going for Steam Machine PC makes more sense. They pack more powerful GPUs than gaming consoles and cost only 100 dollars more. A Steam Machine mini PC comes equipped with an AMD Radeon R9 270 GPU which is about 17 percent more powerful than PS4’s GPU in terms of memory speed and 11 percent when taking pixel computations into account.

Another reason gaming mini PC computers are better than consoles is ability to upgrade. With Xbox and play station, you are stuck with 8GB of RAM for many years to come. This is not the case with PC machines which can be upgraded easily by unscrewing few nuts and bolts.

A PC also runs your favorite applications and games including any online game, so you will never run into software compatibility issues. You can even use your existing hardware like scanner, printer with no problem. You simply cannot do this with an Xbox as you are tied to Microsoft game OS which supports only gaming-oriented software and hardware.

In short, games are still better optimized for consoles as a PC will always have to be up to date in terms of software and hardware which may require major investment. The convenience wins the day. With console, you will find your friends, applications, games and all you have to do is hook it up to a nice, big television and you are done. Without seconds, you will be playing some wonderful games online with your friends.