TouchFlo Detacher [Windows Mobile]

TouchFLo is a simple app that allows HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / HD devices to run TouchFlo3D outside of the Today screen. You may wonder how is it different from the ones already there like the SecondToday? Here are the words from the developer himself

So what makes mine different? Well, my app is actually very similar to MastSogo’s ManilaControl. The main difference is that I plan to actively develop it now for a while, whereas ManilaControl has been a bit frozen in development for a few months. Mine is also open source, licensed under the Ms-RL. Mine is on CodePlex, so download speeds should be much better than the average rapidshare link. Finally, mine is in English and not Spanish. :-) Other than that, it’s just another solution for the same problem!

Get the application from here

[via freewarepocketpc]