TSUKUMO Aero Stream RM5A-B61 / E with AMD A10-7850K

Following the suite of Mouse Computer, TSUKUMO Japan has also churned out a desktop PC featuring the new AMD A10-7850K APU. Called the Aero Stream RM5A-B61 / E, it features the aforementioned quad core 3.7 GHz processor, R7 series Radeon 8-core GPU operating at 720 MHz, 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB of hard disk, DVD super multi drive, 450 W power supply and Windows 7 home premium 64 bit OS.

TSUKUMO Aero Stream RM5A-B61 E with AMD A10-7850K

Ports selection include HDMI output / 2 × Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 × 2, USB 2.0 × 6, PS, DVI-D, mini D-Sub15 pin, voice input / output interface. Empty slots PCI Express x16 × 1, and PCI × 1.

Body size is about 190 × 400 × 370mm and the TSUKUMO Aero Stream RM5A-B61 / E weighs 10 kilograms. Price of standard configuration is 69,980 yen (USD 680), which makes it about 10,000 Yen more expensive than the Mouse Computer’s offerings.