VIA wants to rumble with the Atom processors! – Here comes the VIA Dual-Core

VIA made it’s first appearence in the netbooks field, when it was selected by the HP to be used in HP mininote 2133. It didn’t offer jaw-dropping performance, even on the model with the hightest GHz number: 1.6GHz Via processor equipped 2133 Mininote.

Frankly speaking, it got over-shadowed by the much more efficient and powerful Intel Atom processor. The Intel Atom processor became increasingly popular amoung the Netbook manufactures. HP later on, also went with the Intel Atom processor in it’s new netbook, HP min 1000.

But, now, a brand-new Dual Core VIA processor, which is a very low power processor is in the works and will directly compete with the Intel Atom processor. It should however be noted that Intel Atom also comes in Dual-Core version, but is currently in use only in Nettops (low-power Desktops).

Here are more features of the Dual-Core VIA:

  • Native Dual Core Design Native Dual Core Design
  • New Process Process Technology New Process Process Technology
  • Nano BGA 2 foot print Nano BGA 2 foot print
  • Leverage C7M/Nano board designs Leverage C7M/Nano board designs

via HKEPC (google translate version)