Web Video Downloader Review

update: review has updated as-well-as screenshots according to the changes made in new version (

As far as my knowledge goes, there is not a single windows mobile application that lets you download or view videos directly EXCEPT this one: WEB VIDEO DOWNLOADER.

Since the application is still in beta stage, the developer(Jm81) has a elegant interface with the buttons at the bottom. Clicking on the magnifying glass brings up a new window containing the list of websites. Note that all the screenshots are in VGA. Just click on them to see full size screenshot.

It supports a variety of video websites including the little naughty ones :!: Yes, you read it right. The videos can be displayed in “Grid View” or in “List View”

You can download the video by clicking on the button shown in the following screenshot. You can also stream the video directly. Also, you can download the video by selecting download from the Action menu. Whenever you click on the view or download button, it also asks you if you would like to download/view the normal quality(flv) version or high quality(mp4) version.

It also provides a bunch of options when downloading a video like where you wish to save the video including the name of the folder. You also have the option to the save the file or just download the M3U and PLS.

Now, let us take a quick glance at the configurable options of WVD. If you don’t like porn, you can tell the WVD not to enlist the porn sites. There is also a new feature called “invisible scroller”. This feature lets you scroll just by dragging your fingers up and down.

Final verdict

The WVD is the only way to directly download videos from various websites. The WVD is easy to use for anyone thanks to it’s simple interface and rich featuers. The best part of WVD is that the author has made it available for free.

You can also donate to the application developer to support him. His paypal link is given in his signature.

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