Westen Digital Black 2 Benchmark, Review

We finally had the opportunity to use and review the Western Digital Black 2 that comes equipped with both SSD and HDD. Since it measures just like any other 2.5 inch HDD, you can use it in any laptop out there.

When you install it in your laptop, its 128GB SSD part is not recognized by the computer – you cannot find it in My Computer. Fortunately, you can initialize it using Disk Management. It is easy for an intermediate user, but an average Joe might not find it easy. Its 1TB HDD part is recognized automatically though.

Westen Digital Black 2 Benchmark

In Crystal Disk Mark benchmark app, the SSD part yielded about 400 MB/s read and 150 MB/s write speed. While its write speed is not at par with modern SSDs, it is still much faster than a traditional HDD.

Westen Digital Black WD 2 Benchmark, Review

And here are the HDD benchmark results using the same software.

Westen Digital Black 2 Benchmark review

As you can see, you get 110 MB/s and 107 MB/s read and write speeds.