D-Link WiFi camera supports Apple HomeKit

D-Link has launched a new wifi camera that supports new Apple HomeKit technology and the new Home app released with the new iOS10. This makes D-link one of the latest and major brands to support the Apple’s new home kit tech framework. Right now, D-Link offers plethora of wifi enabled cameras as a part of its connected home series.

D-Link WiFi camera apple homekit

There is no word on its release data but D-Link has told Apothetech that their wifi camera will be released sometime later this year with the release of iOS10.

Tushar Sighat, Executive Director & CEO, D-Link (India) Ltd said this about the new camera,

In D-Link, we’ve been building Wi-Fi cameras for more than 10 years and we understand the strategic importance of these cameras to your home’s IoT ecosystem. We’ve been working hard with Apple to help make a unique connected home experience that meets the real needs of users. Now, through the new HomeKit-enabled D-Link camera and Apple’s new Home app in iOS 10, we are excited that families around the world will have an easy and secure way to monitor their homes.


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