Acer Switch V10 review and photos

Acer Switch V10 review

Folks at notebookitalia were able to get their hands on the Acer Switch 10V laptop which is actually a 2 in 1 computer with quad cores, 10.1 inch display and windows 10. They have uploaded a video review of Acer 10V highlighting its features.

Acer Switch 10V specs include 10.1 inch display with IPS tech coated with corning gorilla glass, quad core Intel Atom cherry trail processor backed by 32GB or 64GB of flash storage and windows 10 operating system. As noted earlier, the Acer 10V has a keyboard dock with precision touchpad and keyboard which is required to turn it into a conventional laptop. The two units are held together by Acer Snap Hinge 2.

Like any other Acer Switch branded tablet or laptop, it supports stylus that will be sold separately. Shown above is Acer 10V in white color but it has been announced that more SKUs for Europe will be announced in fourth quarter of 2016.

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Acer 10V features a fingerprint reader and windows hello compatible IR webcam for better security. This hybrid is fanless like the Lenovo 100s netbook we reviewed earlier. It is just as portable too. Acer 10V price will be 299 euro for the starting 32GB model. Here are details for its various modes.

atom cherry trail

* Notebook : traditional mode with attached lid, ensures’ productivity with efficient use of the keyboard and touchpad. Ideal to do research, write documents and fill in spreadsheets;

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* Pad : removing the display you can use it as a tablet of its own. Excellent for entertainment, just sit back and watch your favorite TV series or playing after a long day at school or at work;

* Tent : put the tablet and keyboard in tent mode lets you use the touchscreen in confined spaces such as the long journeys by train, the narrow air space, or home to view a recipe on a crowded kitchen top;

* Display : This mode allows you to connect the tablet with the screen facing the opposite side of the keyboard to provide an elegant way to present video at small events or meetings.