E3 2016 Xbox FanFest Goodies list

Larry Hyrb, the Xbox Live Director of Programming has unveiled E3 2016 Xbox FanFest goodies list and we must say they are a lot of them. But in order to get them, you must be one of first five hundred people in line at the Microsoft Store located at 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard. The list includes:

E3 2016 Xbox FanFest Goodies

* ReCore puzzle
* Halo MegaBlocks set
* Forza Motorsport shirt (with Lamborghini logo, which could be another hint of a Lambo cover car this year)
* Scalebound shirt
* Killer Instinct shirt
* Minecraft minifigure
* Scalebound controller skin
* A code for Minecraft of Windows 10
* Custom Xbox backpack and matching pouch

And that is not all. Microsoft says there are few other secret goodies that are yet to be unveiled. The line will open up on Sunday 10pm so make sure to be on time. Strangely this is being promoted on periscope.tv and they only have apps for android and iOS – not for windows phone