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Download Microsoft Selfie App for iPhone

Microsoft has released Selfie app for iPhone that allows you to edit and enhance the selfies taken on the iPhone. You can edit your old pictures as well. The app lets you improve skin tone, lighting, age and some other variables that let you create the perfect selfie.

download microsoft selfie iphone

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Download Windows 10 Mobile Emulator (Build 10563 )

Windows 10 Mobile Emulator with build 10563 is now available for download. This is a part of new SDK Preview that contains myriad bug fixes and under development changes to the API surface area. However, Microsoft clearly states that if you are working on a new app, you should not install it.

Download Windows 10 Mobile Build 10563 Emulator

Microsoft also says that it is recommended to uninstall previous versions of SDKs and emulators as they might conflict with the newer version. This will also prevent user interface clutter in Visual Studio when targeting a particular emulator.

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Lumia buy-back offer coming to India

Microsoft Mobile is said to be launching its Lumia buy back offer in India that will encourage the Lumia users to upgrade to higher models and to increase the sales of Lumia devices.

Under this offer you will be able to get up 65 percent of existing device values. Of course there is a catch – the offer is only valid if you upgrade in the three months from the last purchase.

Discounts will range from 10% to 50% if such exchanges happen in six months and will also hinge on the condition of the older Lumia phone being swapped.

Lumia buy-back offer coming to India

This offer is not valid for devices with purchase date beyond six months. However if your device is not in working condition and is still under 6 months range, you will still get 10 percent discount. This includes if your device has broken display and is brutally scratched.

Microsoft cloud bundle challenges salesforce, which one is better?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Sales force CEO Marc Benioff might have had some amazing moments earlier this year but MS’s Business solutions unit that offers Dynamics CRM offline and online is now challenging Salesforce’s solution.

Yesterday Microsoft started offering Dynamics CRM online, Office 365 and Power BI for just 65 dollars per user per month. This is exact same price taht is offering to its customers.

Such tight integration between Salesforce CRM and cloud based office 365 productivity applications are the key components of the mutual understanding between MS and SF’s CEOs.

SF is also set to debut Salesforce1 application for windows and Windows phone platforms this fall. MS’s CRM application is tightly integrated with their office online and Power BI.

microsoft cloud bundle vs salesforce

Since MS is now offering both together at low price, it will make lives of salesforce folks tougher than ever.

Download Candy Crush For Windows Phone

Candy Crush is available for Android and iOS devices but it is also available for windows phone platform. Not officially though as the company decided to not to release an official WP app. This opened doors for other developers to create one for the Microsoft platform and there does exists one on the store.

candy crush windows phone

Candy Village is Windows Phone clone of Candy Crush and is free to download

It goes by the name of Candy Village and it is an exact clone of original game. The gameplay is same as its Android and iOS counter parts.

The best part is that it is free to download and reviews are great. The game is super addicting once you get the hang of it. The game is navigable without spending cash and it is great fun. Later stages are somewhat difficult and require a bit of strategy to clear.

Download Files More Than 20 MB On 3G 4G on Windows Phone

As most of us know, Microsoft has made a limit on the size of downloadable files over 3G or 4G radio. This limit is 20 mega bytes. This tutorial will show you how to bypass that limit. First here are the pre requisites that you need to have on your Windows Phone.

Download Files More Than 20 MB On 3G 4G on Windows Phone1. A WP device with micro SD card slot.
2. Download and install Pocket File Manager from here.
3. Direct links of files you wan to download. If you want to download XAP files, you will need to suffix /xap?apptype=regular
4. Now fire up Pocket File Manager and select “downloads” from the menu. Tap on the plus sign and paste the download URL. Tap and hold finger on the file and from the context menu select copy or cut. Now, paste copied file to the sd card location.
5. Exit Pocket File Manager and restart device. After that, run market store and tap SD card. The XAP file you downloaded should be there. Select it.

You can find the screenshots of it on our flickr account here.

Pirated Apps Finally Make Their Appearance in Windows Phone Marketplace

Looks like Microsoft application marketplace people are not paying enough attention because myriad pirated application have made their appearance in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Here is the list of few applications along with links to stolen apps.

windows-phone-piracy[1] Original App Name: ConnectMe, Publisher: CRTVAPPS

Link to original app

Stolen App Name: Remote Pc pro, Publisher akishah786

Link to stolen app

[2] Original App Name: Flash Videos, Publisher Atef Shehata

Link to original app

Stolen App Name: Flash Videos pro, Publisher akishah786

Link to stolen app

[3] Original App Name: IM+, Publisher: SHAPE GmbH

Link to original app

Stolen App Name: All in one messenger, Publisher akishah786

Link to stolen app

[4] Original App Name: Tube Download, Publisher: Lovo Apps

Link to original app

Stolen App Name: Video Downloader pro, Publisher akishah786

Link to stolen app

This will cause a panic among the WP developers or to those who are planning to make a great app for windows phone devices. We suggest users to take note of this and contact the original app publisher to get the illegal app down as soon as possible.

A commenter on reddit says,

They are downloading and illegally modifying the XAP.

It has been said by many the reason why developers love windows phone is there is no piracy in its app store. This will definitely cause a panic among the developers.