Razer Raiju Tournament Edition review: all the good things about the Xbox controller on your PS4

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition review

Today we present our analysis of the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition command for PS4 and PC, a command that stands out for its extensive customization -including four additional configurable buttons-, but above all due to the fact that it has a button layout and a way that resemble more the control of Xbox One than the PS4, so that users will have the best of the Xbox control, but on the PS4.

Razer launched this Raiju Tournament Edition along with the Raiju Ultimate a few days ago, and the difference between the two is that this Tournament Edition version has a joystick layout equal to that of the Xbox controller, that is, asymmetrically. The Raiju Ultimate, meanwhile, maintains the layout of the PS4 controller and adds Chroma lighting effects, with a price 50 euros higher than the Tournament Edition.

The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is a control built with materials of the best quality, and is designed to last hours and hours. It has four additional buttons (two in the back and two in the trigger area) that we can configure through an application for smartphones (iOS and Android), in which we can store different profiles for different games. In addition, it has some stops that will allow us to reduce the travel of the triggers (L2 and R2) to make faster shots in FPS games, giving us a clear advantage over our competitors.

But that is not all. While it is true that the command is designed for PS4 by connecting via Bluetooth, we can also use it with the USB cable included in both the PS4 and PC and, in fact, we can also use it on PC through a Bluetooth adapter (which in this case is not included).

Finally, it should be noted that Razer has arranged the four main buttons (X, square, circle and triangle) with mechanical switches with touch feedback (clicky), thus giving the user a feeling of greater control over the pulsations. To highlight, finally, it has a battery that allows you to use it wirelessly for about 10 uninterrupted hours, more than enough for a good session of games.

The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition has a price on the manufacturer’s website of 150 euros, while its Ultimate version costs 200 euros.