Aeropostale watch review (Men): affordable everyday watch, great for gifting

aeropostale watch

This is the review of Aeropostale watch. I bought it from a popular online ecommerce website. I’m a watch enthusiast and own a few mid range Rado watches that cost between $500 to $4000 and couple of low-end Casio Edifice and Citizen watches. I wanted to have a watch that is super cheap and looks good and this blue Aeropostale watch fit the bill perfectly. It is an excellent gift for your boyfriend.

The packaging is no-nonsense and that was expected its cheap sub-$15 price. The band is made of rubber, something iWatch users are accustomed to. It is made to be worn daily and at this breaks, you will not even want to get it repaired.

aeropostale watch

The blue color looks trendy and I’m pretty sure the young crowd will like it. The dial is pretty big and go well with my large hands.

If you have thin hands, this Aeropostale watch is not for you. Fake screws on present on all four sides that add to its masculinity. They look real from a distance.

aeropostale watch

Numbers are clear and it is quite easy to see time. Build quality of this watch is not bad at all, but it is too early to tell how long it will last.

The back of the watch says “Japan movement”, so I hope it is as reliable as a Toyota car. I’ll update this review if it stops working but so far, I like it.