Crucial BX500 is cheap SSD that does not sacrifices on speed

Crucial BX500 review

The manufacturer of solid storage devices, Crucial, has recently introduced its new Crucial BX500 SSD. This new SSD is intended for those users who can not pay an excessive price for their storage unit, but neither are they willing to sacrifice the performance that these types of units are capable of offering compared to a traditional HDD.

With the drop in prices that are currently having solid storage units, whether in the traditional 2.5-inch form format, or in the more modern M.2 format, it is no longer uncommon to talk about “cheap SSD” “Given that, especially in the models with less capacity, you can find real bargains for less than 40 euros. These prices, a year ago, were completely unthinkable to talk about them.

The new cheap SSD from Crucial, the BX500, are precisely aimed at those users who lack a very deep pocket, but who want to update the performance of their laptop or desktop computer, in a simple way and, above all, very cheap, according to your economic possibilities. For them, this new Crucial BX500 series could be the answer to their prayers.

As you can see from the specifications of the previous image, despite being units that continue to use the traditional format of 2.5-inch discs, and use the SATA bus to transmit data, the new Crucial BX500 have excellent reading speeds (540 MB / s) and writing (500 MB / s), interestingly for all sizes. It is not like in other models, in which to greater internal capacity, it is usually increased the performance of the units.

Crucial BX500 review

In any case, the company has not given much information about what is inside these new solid storage units. The only thing we do know is that they use Micron 3D NAND flash memory, but we do not know what kind of NAND memory. Given the prices they have, they will most likely use 64-layer 3D TLC memory, which is a type of chip whose production process is already very mature. On the other hand, it could be that they used the new NAND 3D QLC memory but, since it is a type of NAND memory of very recent creation, we doubt that is the case of these BX500.

All these new SSDs have an estimated life time between failures of 1.5 million hours of operation, being backed by a guarantee that reaches up to 3 years. As for prices, you can see them in the previous screenshot and, as you can see, they are really cheap. Although, if you do not want to buy them directly from Crucial, you can also buy them in Spain: