Tronsmart TK09R review: an affordable mechanical keyboard

Tronsmart TK09R

We have another manufacturer that joins the extensive list of Asian manufacturers of peripherals that thanks to globalization, has easy landing in the European market. And it makes him aware of the weak points of the already established manufacturers. With peripherals of a reduced cost but that include practically all the functionalities of the peripherals of high range. Tronsmart joins that list of manufacturers and today we analyze your Tronsmart TK09R keyboard.

It is difficult to find advantages and disadvantages in a product whose list of manufacturers that are dedicated to them is very large. As in many peripherals, there is little to invent and manufacturers are barely looking for innovation in this type of products. This makes the balance between the price and the quality of the product more and more important. In this case we are facing a keyboard of about 65 euros that is far from the prices of the keyboards of the Logitech, Corsair or Razer but neither the prices of other Asian keyboards that we have been able to prove as the ACGAM AG-109R.

The characteristics and functionalities are already typical of this type of keyboards; RGB lighting, programmable keys, anti ghosting and a long etcetera that you will have the opportunity to check if you read the review carefully.

The manufacturer’s software can be one of the points that differentiate you from others. It is not the time to tell you if there are better or worse ones but it is true that the software used by Tronsmart for your keyboard is especially complete and intuitive.

In addition, one of the advantages of this software is that it is the same for all Tronsmart devices that are capable of being configured through it (mouse, headphones…) and this makes everything much simpler besides not being necessary use different applications for each peripheral. By the way, with the software we have the possibility to apply the same configuration for all devices.