CHAPURA introduces Keytasks software for iPhone and iPod Touch

Chapura is offering owners of iPhone and iPod touch devices an easy-to-use and reliable way to carry Microsoft Outlook Tasks.  Similar to MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, KeyTasks allows users to wirelessly synchronize and manage Outlook Tasks from anywhere.

KeyTasks provides the perfect blend of the iPhone experience with Outlook productivity.   KeyTasks is installed on the device, not run from the Web, allowing task management even when a data connection is not available.  When a data connection is available KeyTasks can wirelessly synchronize with Chapura’s Web servers. This is commonly referred to as the “cloud.” When a change is made in Outlook or on the device and synchronized, that change is sent up to the cloud. The iPhone, iPod touch or Outlook Tasks will receive this change when synchronized; keeping information current in multiple places from anywhere.

Price: KeyTasks is a subscription-based product available for a special introductory offer of $9.95 per year in the iPhone App Store.

Link to the Chapura Keytasks