iPhone Launched in India and 7 Reasons not to buy it

Finally, the so-called Jesus Phone has been launched in India. I am talking about the iPhone 3G. Frankly speaking, I am TOTALLY not at all impressed by the carriers that are offering it.

First of all, before I start this ‘rant’, I want to make clear that all points given below are related and meant for the Airtel and Vodafone and not directing towards the Apple.

  • Outrageous prices: Prices are Rs 31000(US $711) for 8G version and Rs 36100 (US $827) for 16G version.
  • 3G is not available in India: Sadly, but true. Even though the main advantage of the iPhone 3G is the it’s ability to use the faster 3G network, you cannot use it as no Indian carrier offers it. There goes the main advantage out of window!
  • High GPRS rates: Vodafone rates are 5P/10kb! They are charging this much for the non-3G speeds?!
  • No unlimited plan: This is going to be the deal-breaker for many. With the excellent iPhone web browser, Safari, one can surf Desktop version of the websites rather the plain, mobile versions.
  • The iPhone being sold by Airtel and Vodafone is locked to the carriers. This means that you cannot use the SIM if you are not on the same network.
  • This is unfair as if one is paying above $700 for an iPhone, he should be getting an unlocked device considering the fact the iPhone 3G owner won’t be getting 3G
  • On Vodafone prepaid plan, you do not get any free data usage.

My suggestion: Get an unlocked iPhone from grey channels instead. It will be cheaper and unlocked to all networks


Airtel iPhone page

Vodafone iPhone page

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