SPB Brain Evolution v1.2 reviewed!

I always thought that games were only for fun, and they can do no good to an individual’s mental health. But I was proved wrong when I lay my hands on the latest version of SPB Brain Evolution. SPB Brain Evolution has 10 mind-bending games that really help you train your brain, and at the same time, keeps you addicted to it.

Every game in Brain Evolution passes through various difficulty levels, viz. easy, medium, hard and maximum.


There are two modes in the game, Brain Marking and Brain Training.

In Brain Marking, a few games are selected randomly for you to play. Depending on your scores, your overall progress is shown in terms of percentage. You are also assigned a status on the basis of the percentage, which starts with child level and goes upto student level. Initially, I could only get to the child level, but subsequently I managed to go upto the schoolboy level. Anytime, you can come back to this mode and increase your status.

In Brain Training mode you get to play a slew of games, but sequentially. You need to complete a certain level of difficulty of one game to unlock the next one.



This game is based on questions on simple arithmetic calculations like addition, substraction, multiplication and division. Personally, I felt this is one of the easiest games, but you can also lose a lot of points if you are even a little slow in calculations.


In this game, you need to find rectangles with same coloured blocks at the corners, to make them disappear.


In this game, you need to remember the figures shown to you, and then answer the questions that follow. It tests your short-term memory. This is placed at third number from top. But I felt it should have been placed a little later as I found this game quite hard to play.


Sudoku is one of the most famous games worldwide. In this game, need to fill every row, column and 3*3 grid with numbers through 1 to 9, without any repetition.


In this game, you need to find the particular series of numers whose total when calculated, the last digit is same as the number you are given.


In this game, you need to unearth depending on the numbers. The numbers denote the number of mines around them.


In this game, you need to track the ball to the end-point. If the ball hits the wall, you lose points. The only way to stop the ball is with the bricks.

8. Guess Who

In this game, you need to match the given patterns with the ones given in the figures.

9. Encyclopedia

In this game, you need to remember the given facts and then answer the questions follow.

10. Matches

In this game, you are given a set of matches. You need to solve the puzzle using the given instructions.


Apart fom the games, you also get many intersting things.

One is the interesting facts you get to know at the end of every trainig session.

You also get awards for your performance.

To get the ‘Training Program Complete Certificate’, you need to reach maximum difficulty level in all the games in the Brain Training Mode. And, to get the ‘Nobel Prize Winner Certificate’, you have to get over 90% in the Brain Marking Mode.


A very addicting game for all the Windows Mobile users who want simple yet interesting games, which they can play on the go.

Product Category: Games
Manufacturer: SPB SoftwareHouse
Price: USD 19.95
System Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6
Trial Version info: 15 day fully functional

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