Disturbing news: Revenue drops in ASUS, Pegatron and Gigabyte

ASUS has suffered a disturbing 16.15% drop in the month of January and even-more-disturbing 38.91% yearly due to the various disturbances in the Eastern Europe. The ASUS shipped a modest 300,000 unit of Notebooks and Netbooks in the month of January and also shipped 1.3 million motherboards in the same month.

Coming to Gigabyte, which although shipped 1.6 million motherboards and 250,000 graphic cards in the month of January also suffered a drop of 31.46% this year.

Pegatron announced drops of 18.4% on month and 35.7% this year. It shipped 1.56 million motherboards, 400,000-450,000 notebooks and 482,000 graphics cards.

Now, we know why the ASUS would not be coming out with any new netbooks in the coming months. Given the current market conditions, the companies have no choice but to wait for sometime to let the market heal itself.