Download Colorfly I820 Speed Drivers

You can download Colorfly i820 Speed drivers as we got hold of the tablet and so its drivers. The Colorfly i820 Speed drivers can be useful in case you did a fresh install of windows operating system and need to get hold of the official drivers so that you can get everything working as it was earlier.

Download Colorfly i820 Speed Drivers

The Colorfly i820 Speed drivers would also be very useful if you deleted the recovery partition of the windows 10 tablet without backing up the partition. The tablet is being sold for mere 94 dollars on most Chinese eCommerce websites.

Colorly i820 Speed Drivers

You can download the driver package from here. To install them, put the downloaded drivers of the Colorfly i820 onto a micro SD card and then slice it into the micro SD slot of the tablet. After installation of windows 10 or windows 11 (say, in the future), go to the micro SD card and install the drivers from there.

In case you are new to reinstalling windows on a windows 10 tablet, we suggest you follow this method where we installed windows on an Acer W3 810 tablet within 30 minutes.