Galaxy Note 5 non removable battery. Why people like user replaceable batteries?

Samsung will be equipping the Galaxy Note 5, Note 4’s successor with a non removable battery. It did not work for Samsung in case for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and here is why people hate phones with non removable batteries.

Galaxy Note 5 non removable battery

1. When battery goes bad

Batteries in any phone come with 6 month warranty and if a failure occurs after 6 months or so, you will have to visit the service center and pay around $150 for repairs.

Had the battery been replaceable, it would have been easily replaced at home without much fuss.

2. Ability to extend usage easily

On the move and running low on battery? Just remove the back cover on your Note 4/3/2/1 and swap the dead battery with a freshly charged one. No need to carry that stupid USB portable chargers or find a place to plug it in.

You will not be able to do it on Galaxy Note 5.

3. A boon for after marker users

If you sell your phone after two years of use to a new user over craigslist, eBay or olx, chances are, battery of it pretty weak. If it is easily replaceable, both of you will be happy as the new user will be able to get new battery for few bucks.

A new user can also be your mom, dad, sister or grandma. With new battery, you can be sure they are able to use and enjoy the phone just like you did.

4. Easy access to internals

Generally phones with removable batteries are super easy to repair. If you aren’t comfortable repairing the phone, you need not take it to official repair centre or some specialist pretending to be a Genius.

This matters more when your phone is no more in warranty period and you don’t want to shell out lot of cash.