#Windows10fail, Early Adopters Show Frustration on Twitter

Windows 10 is an amazing operating system that brings heaps of new features to the table. However all is not rosy for the Microsoft and the early adopters who were eagerly waiting for Microsoft to release final copy of Windows 10. For most the upgrade went fine but most of them faced issues. Here are few of the tweets we saw on twitter to give you an idea.


Is it  really ok that #Windows10 while upgrading removes my Kaspersky and put’s on its own crap instead? @MyGarry2010

#windows10fail @microsoft. If Win10 won’t connect to t’internet, perhaps rename it Lose10? I’m reverting to Win 8.1  @dr_d_b

Anyone know how to revert to Windows 8.1? #Windows10fail doesn’t recognise such innovations as "The internet" or even recognise a wi fi hub. @dr_d_b

Yeah, so I’m not happy with 10. I’m going back to 7. #Windows10 #Windows10fail @MrStabby87

#Windows10fail twitter

Somehow I was anticipating this… #windows10 #windows10fail @egonelbre 

#Windows10fail twitter apothetech

I was always told never to get a new operating system on its first day, too many bugs, should of took my own advice. #Windows10fail @therealmoley

#Windows10 installer shows "minor" issues with HighDPI displays, #Windows10fail @LucaBarber4

Well after 5 days of computing hell, I now have Windows 8.1 back. My PC was very unstable with Windows 10. #Windows10fail @therealmoley

However I am not sure, but I think Microsoft is not responsible for the installed apps/games in your PC. If it’s not working after upgrading to Windows 10, then try running the troubleshooter and Windows will suggest a fix to it.

Then I think you should inform the app/game developer about the problem for them to check and fix it. For default Windows PC programs, you can report them to Microsoft to get some help (but not unless you are using a loader to activate your copy). 

I believed that things like this aren’t always perfect and they always have time to patch it. Just turn on you updates settings and I’m sure everything will go smoothly. Alright! Rock ‘n Roll to the world.