Give your Resco Explorer XBox 360 look [Windows Mobile]

With the release of Resco Explorer v7, the Resco Explorer gained the capability to skin itself. Sadly, no one ever came forward to skin the Resco Explorer. Although, numerous skins were introduced for it’s Today Plugin, but no skin was ever released for the Resco Explorer. Not anymore now.

jmckeejr, a very creative guy has made two skins for the Resco Explorer. Both look alike except for the fact that one uses green color to show the detail and another one uses white color for detail. Here is a quick screenshot of the skin:

How to install the skin:

  • Get the skin from this post
  • Put both of the skn files under program filesresco explorerskins
  • Open Resco Explorer and go to “Menu”>customize>skin(tab)
  • Select the 360 or 360Green

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