HP Mini 2140 Review [Netbook]

We mentioned about the HP Mini 2140 few days ago. HP listened to the complaints of the HP Mininote 2133 and rectified them in the 2140. Folks at NotebookReview have given the HP Mini 2140 a good go. Unfortunately, the higher resolution model is not available in the market yet. So, they were able to review only the lower resolution model, which has a resolution of 1024 x 576, which is even less than the those in the market already.

The bigger 10.1″ screen is a better and most importantly, more comfortable to look at, when compared to the smaller, but very high-resolution screen of the HP mininote 2133. The keyboard has not undergone any change, which is a nice thing.


  • Excellent build quality (BEST in class)
  • Great keyboard (BEST in class)
  • ExpressCard slot offers fantastic expansion possibilities
  • Multiple configuration options


  • Base configuration has low-resolution screen
  • Strange location for touchpad buttons
  • Screen is too reflective due to second glossy protective layer

Suggestion: Wait for the higher resolution model instead. The current lower resolution model has only 576 pixel vertically, which would hide some of the Dialog boxes. The developers expect at least 600 pixels vertically when designing the applications. So, unless you are in some sort of big hurry, don’t buy the 2140. Wait for the higher resolution model instead, which would be a true upgrade to the mininote 2133.

[HP Mini 2140 webpage]