How To: Install XP SP2 or XP Tablet 2005 on Fujitsu U820 or U2010 [UMPC]

Many of the Fujitsu U2010/U820 find the Windows Vista quite slow. Well, now there is a ray of hope for them. If you go to Fujitsu’s Singapore website, you can find all the XP drivers there. Note that although they are for the Fujitsu U2010, but they work fine for the Fujitsu U820 too.

Of course, the FM transmitter would not work as it is not there on the U820. So, there is no need to install a driver for that. You will need a copy of XP SP2 or XP Tablet 2005 to the downgrade. It does not matter, whether any company calls the shift from Vista to XP a downgrade, but they also know from inside that it is actually an upgrade for the users.

Thanks Jane for the tip!