HTC 3-in-one USB adapter reviewed!

From the past couple of years, we have seen new trends set by the HTC. Most of them have been liked by everybody. But, there was something that has seemed to cripple the functionality. One of these is the use of HTC ext-USB in their devices. Now, this ext-USB uses the same port for charging, syncing and as earphone. Thats a lot!

Many of us got frustrated due to this. Very soon, HTC came up with this accessory, HTC 3-IN-ONE USB ADAPTER.

Lets see how it looks:

This thing is not too big, not too small. It looks tiny in my big hands.

It has 3 ports, namely, ‘charging’, ‘3.5″ headphone jack’ and ‘extra earphone jack’.

Now, there is a good thing and a bad thing about this accessory.

The good part is that one can plugin two earphones and can share the music. So, now you can share the music between you and your girlfriend and can charge the device too, if you wish! ;)

Now, the bad part. If you’ve plugged this adapter, then, your device will ‘think’ that you’ve also put in earphones(even if you haven’t). So, it won’t make sounds. Be aware of this when using this accessory. I’ve fallen into this trap many times, when I just left the adapter plugged in and was not notified of calls and SMSes.

Now, I know that it is not a perfect solution for the hybrid usb port in our devices, but, hey, it does it job quite nicely. Here is a picture of it in which I’ve plugged in the charger as-well-as my earphones