My TOP-5 Must-Have Applications for the Windows Mobile Professional

Must-have applications are those which SHOULD be installed on every single windows Mobile professional device. Windows Mobile, even though has been a great platform. But, it is no secret that most of the built-in applications that come with the windows mobile OS, sadly suck :(

I’ve got ~8years of experience in the windows mobile world. I’ve seen the windows mobile platform growing and today, it is one of the most powerful mobile platform available. In this span of time, some of the very nice applications have come up. These applications are not meant to satisfy one’s specific needs, but they actually make your windows mobile device more complete.
Let us take a look at them:

1) RESCO FILE EXPLORER: This is how the in built file explorer should have been. The Resco File explorer offers some great features like touch interface, zip support, rar support, encryption, virtual folder support and plethora of other great features. Other than that, it is still light on memory and does not gobbles up the resources, when running in the background.

2) SPB POCKET PLUS: SPB calls this great application as the service pack for windows mobile. Well, they certainly have backed up this statement by producing an awesome(!) piece of application which integrates into the windows mobile OS so well that you’ll think that the application was a part of the OS! It incorporates a today plugin; adds support of tabs in IE; safe mode; adds zip and encryption support in the built-in file explorer. And after incorporating all those features, it doesn’t slows down your device a bit! Great work!

3) SPB INSIGHT: RSS readers are all on the heat right now. No doubt, most of the new devices like TYTN II, Touch Pro, Diamond are coming with RSS readers, but, they are very basic in nature. Applications like Insight lets you see just more than RSS with their custom designed templates. It also lets you take full control over each RSS feed. For example: you can define for every RSS feed whether to download the images for it or not; how many feeds should be downloaded; which connection should be used.

4) RESCO PHOTO VIEWER: This is another must have. Resco Photo viewer lets you organise your pictures in the way YOU want. It supports plethora of formats; is very fast and loads pictures at a blazing speed. It also has excellent memory management. Want more? It even comes with basic picture editing features! Many pictures viewers have come and have blurred-away from the scene, but, there is one undisputed king of Photo viewers, Resco Photo viewer. FTW!

5) SBSH POCKET BREEZE: No! This is not a ‘sponsor love’ post. This is an application, which makes the windows mobile device, a more complete PIM manager. It has the capability to display the appointments, tasks(overdue, active, completed), mail, sms, mms and even weather(if PocketWeather is installed) on the today screen. The company, SBSH has the best customer support I’ve ever experienced!

Please not that I’ve not talked about the applications which make the windows mobile behave like iphone or introduce iphone-like functionality in the OS.

I’d love to hear about your must-have applications!

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