Innovisoft VirtuaMouse One-Hand review

Windows Mobile has attained a certain level of single-hand use. But, many-a-times, we do come across certain applications, which are either very old applications or they fall into the category where the developer itself has not made the application finger friendly.

Innovisoft VirtuaMouse One-Hand gives you a PC-like virtual mouse on the screen of the Windows Mobile. VirtuaMouse One-Hand gives you a virtual mouse pointer that can be used instead of the stylus, anytime that the stylus isn’t convenient for you.


You can install either by a CAB file or use a Desktop EXE to install the application. The CAB is meant to be run directly on the device, while the EXE has to be run when your device is connected to the PC via Activesync.

Note: all screenshots are VGA. Click on them to see the actual resolution screenshot.

Look Ma! One hand

Lets say you come across an application which has not been optimized by the developer for one-handed use or there are some on-screen controls that require you to take that stylus out of it’s silo. This is the area where this application really shines.

You control the pointer by using the D-Pad. Use the D-Pad controls to move the mouse around the screen.

The default setting for the pointer speed is too slow for a VGA device. May be they were meant for a QVGA device. But, it is easy to increase the speed to your liking by opening it’s setting.

There may be times when you simply don’t want to use the VirtuaMouse. For example: such need can arise when you want to play a game. You can toggle the VirtuaMouse by either clicking on the program icon once again or you can also assign a button to toggle it’s running state.

You can also change the appearance of the cursor. I like the bigger black one as it is more suitable for a high-resolution screen of high-density VGA devices like HTC Diamond.

Tip to the developer: Give an option of Tablet PC-like mouse, where you can use the mouse on the screen to click or select.

So, do I recommend it? / Final Verdict

If you use your device on the go where you find selecting elements on the screen a little difficult, then this application can be extremely useful. It is also extremely useful in the case of those applications, which are not touch-optimized.

Also, it is a cool thing to show-off to your iPhone friends. It makes your device look like a mini-PC and it is easy to befool others that you are running PC-version of Windows ;)

Where to buy / Product’s webpage

The application is available for $24.95 from the following link. It also offers a free trial version where you can give this application a test run.

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