ASUS going to launch S101H

According to the reports of Fudzilla, ASUS is preparing the launch of it’s new another variant EEE PC, the S101H. There are not much details on this new model, but since it is using the suffix “H”, we surmise that it will have a Hard Disk instead of the SSD, which comes with the S101.

The S101 is the lightest 10.2″ netbook. It sports an ultra-thin design, a la Macbook-Air style. So far, Solid-state drive on the S101 has been of shabby capacity so far (16GB on the Windows XP version). The use of hard disk in S101H will attract more buyers who need more space to store the data and stuff.

Also, it will also help ASUS to lower the price a bit by using hard disk, which are cheaper than the SSDs. We will keep you updated with this new model from ASUS