Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu U810 or U1010 [UMPC]

Fujitsu U810 has been around for almost 1.5 years. Windows Vista on it’s 800MHz processor was not amazingly fast. This forced many people to switch to Windows XP or XP Tablet. Andre from katastrophos has posted the steps to install the Windows 7.

First of all, you need to download the Windows 7 BETA from Microsoft. Then, burn the ISO to a DVD and use an external DVD drive to install it via USB.

The Setup.exe on the driver CD will complain that the operating system is unsupported. To circumvent this problem, just start the setup in Vista compatibility mode:
Right-click on “Setup.exe”, “Properties” -> “Compatibility” -> “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” “Windows Vista”.

Install the drivers and utilities in following sequence:

04. Button Driver
05. Camera Driver
07. Fingerprint sensor (driver)
08. FUJ02B1 Device Driver
09. FUJ02E3 Device Driver
11. Pen Driver
12. Pointer device driver

03. Button Utilities
07. Fujitsu System Extension Utilities

The Auto-Rotation is not working at the moment. You have to do that manually. After installing Windows 7, you will get a Experience Index of 1.5. That is due to the processor. Score of rest of the components are ok for UMPC.

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