iPlayer for HTC DIAMOND/HTC TOUCH PRO [Windows Mobile]

iPlayer is now finally available for Windows Mobile. However, to run it, you must have Net Framework 3.5 and Coreplayer.

– Finger friendly UI including flick kinetic scrolling, swipe gestures and vibration feedback.
– Supports Nav Sensor and Stylus Removal
– Higher quality video/audio than Samsung User Agent hack
– Browse content by Highlights, Popular, Channel, Category or Date.
– Search for content and save history.
– Checks for latest version of player and AppToDate support.
– Downloads video to device for later viewing (I download at home over wifi and then watch videos on the tube on the way to work).
– Video launched in your default player associated with ‘.mov’ files

Please note that current version of iPlayer only runs on HTC DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH PRO

Note: Coreplayer is not freeware. It is a commercial application. The videos are encoded in h.264+AAC format, which only coreplayer can play.

[Net Framerwork 3.5] [Coreplayer]

[download iPlayer]

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