Ariel Battery Monitor – show battery percent [Windows Mobile]

In Windows Mobile devices, there is a very irritating quirk that it does not show the actual percentage of the battery left. Instead it shows just 3 bars. When the user clicks on the battery icon, he is taken to the battery settings panel. In some devices like HTC DIAMOND, it does not tell the user the percentage of battery left.

Ariel Battery Monitor comes to rescue you from this problem. It replaces the nonsense battery icon with a more meaningful icon that displays the amount of percentage of battery left in the device.

Main features:
-Makes good use of the unused space of the “Start” button icon.
-Battery power is always visible, because it is on the taskbar.
-Very low CPU consumption (Only about 0.001% !!! Much less than any other battery monitoring program !!!)
-Tiny memory usage, Much smaller than kBattery, pBar, magicbutton, batmon or xbutton.
-Just put it on StartUp folder or link to it, and it will do the job!
-WM2003, WM2005 (WM5) , WM6 ( Now fully compatible ).
-Full control of all displayed colors.
-The gauge can be moved to replace any icon on the taskbar
-VGA screens are supported ( Drag the “pick color” window by it’s title to see it all )
-Landscape mode is supported

Oh. And did I mention that it is a free?

[Download Ariel Battery Monitor]